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Václav Havel

Ferdinand Vaňek, the taciturn, polite, principled and somewhat humorous protagonist of three Václav Havel one-act plays is the everyman for our times. Thrown into a world of absurdity straight out of Mrożek’s or Ionesco’s plays, our hero provokes no one, wants nothing from anyone and yet is sucked into a vortex of events.

Once banned by censorship, Havel’s autobiographical plays are defined by perspicacity especially as it concerns the mechanisms of politics and the fight for freedom and truth in everyday life. Full of humour, irony and reflection, the works of the Czech politician and writer continue to provide accurate insight into our modern-day reality.
PREMIERE February 15, 2020, H. Mikołajska Stage

Directress: Aldona Figura

Cast: Robert Majewski, Janusz R. Nowicki, Anna Gorajska, Sławomir Grzymkowski, Łukasz Lewandowski

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