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Trwa komunikacja


Date:05-12-2021 18:00
Location:Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
Restrictions:You can reserve from 1 to 10 tickets


New York. A painter's studio. Mark Rothko, the legend of American abstract expressionism, a millionaire, an unquestionable authority on art versus a young, ambitious student aspiring for that role. Master and student. We watch their first meeting, a conversation on a new order placed for a series of paintings for the Four Seasons restaurant. Liking, anger, fear and surprise intertwine in their relationship. Subsequent discussions about art turn into a duel between two generations of artists.

John Logan's “Red” received the prestigious Tony Award for the best play. The author of screenplays for Hollywood blockbusters: "Aviator", "Skyfall" and "Gladiator" portrayed the last stage of Mark Rothko's life, in the eve of his suicide. He analyses a genius artist, unappreciated in his lifetime by the critics, who struggles with depression and alcoholism and cannot cope with the new trends in art, which he is unable to understand.

Directress: Agnieszka Lipiec-Wróblewska
Cast: Janusz R. Nowicki, Marcin Wojciechowski
Seats from which English supertitles are visible: rows 5-9


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  en:Kulturalne poniedziałki / Ostatni dzwonek