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The psychiatric hospital is reminiscent of a boat rocking on a turbulent ocean. The female passengers are on their way through its life disillusionment clinic. It leads them right back to where they came from — a world marked by lack of money and love.
We look past the hospital gates and ask a paradoxical question: who are the sick? Is the outside world really the most normal place to live? Most of the female patients, after all, are “not so crazy and remember what was done to them by their fathers, uncles, husbands, mothers, by the Church, the Social Insurance Institution and the job market.”
The play is based on Olga Hund’s award winning book of the same title (The Conrad Award, The Witold Gombrowicz Literary Award).
This adaptation of Hund’s poignant prose underlines the author’s unique language, her irony, pithiness and humour.

Directress: Iwona Kempa

Cast: Karolina Charkiewicz, Anna Gajewska, Anna Kłos, Małgorzata Niemirska, Agata Wątróbska, 
Magdalena Czerwińska, Agata Góral

31-07-2021 19:30Mała Scena
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