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After the death of his father, the teenage Kostya lives in conflict with his mother. He spends his free time online, hating the world and his family. Worried about him, his Mother decides to conduct an unusual experiment. She creates a fake Facebook account in order to connect with her son in a way she cannot in reality. The virtual relationship between Toffi and Raven from Tower turns into an honest conversation between two lonely people longing for normality. But does the risky game undertaken by the mother in order to win back her son have a chance to turn into a real bond?

Directress: Aldona Figura
Scenography and costumes: Joanna Zemanek
Lighting: Andrzej Król
Screenings: Marta Miaskowska
Music: Radosław Duda

Cast: Katarzyna Herman, Konrad Szymański

15-10-2021 20:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
16-10-2021 20:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
17-10-2021 18:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
06-11-2021 20:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
07-11-2021 18:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
18-12-2021 20:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej
19-12-2021 18:00Scena im. H. Mikołajskiej