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I ŻE CIĘ NIE OPUSZCZĘ - spektakl online


Annie and Pascal meet on their way to work. Rachida and Liam meet by chance outside of Rachida’s house. Little by little, the couples’ love brings them closer together. Alongside their burgeoning intimacy, however, other aspects of their relationships develop — differences in temperament, likes and dislikes, and minuscule discrepancies — that combine to form a basis for conflict. Seemingly insignificant words and increasingly menacing gestures set a certain violence into motion that quickly turns into a control mechanism and an expression of despotic love.
The playwright, Gérard Watkins, examines intimate partner violence and the impetus to harm another person in a ‘normal’ relationship.
Directress: Aldona Figura
Cast: Paula Kinaszewska, Marcin Sztabiński, Agnieszka Roszkowska, Anna Szymańczyk, Kamil Mróz
English supertitles are available.

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