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We meet the married couple, Lea and Benjamin, when the latter returns home with a trace of lipstick on his cheek and firmly refuses to eat his wife’s Sabbath soup. That same afternoon, Lea was spotted in the company of a man at a popular Warsaw cafe. In The Fatalist. A Singer Tale in V Acts, we discover not only what that evening looked liked when Lea and Benjamin took the time to explain a few things to each other, but also — thanks to some unexpected visitors to their apartment on Krochmalna Street — we learn about the past and the future of a Jewish marriage.

Tadeusz Słobodzianek, winner of the Nike Literary Award for his play, Our Class, writes about the relationship between a rabbi’s son and a merchant’s daughter, whose fates are written into the history of the pre- and post-war lives of Jews and Poles. He paints a portrait of 1930s Warsaw and the atmosphere of anxiety that grew over this time. He creates a story, in which bohemian love affairs and marital intrigues intertwine with the fate of the world.

director: Wojciech Urbański
scenography and costumes: Joanna Zemanek
assistant: Adrianna Gołębiewska
chorerogaphy: Jarosław Staniek
movement: Katarzyna Zielonka
music: Wojciech Urbański
lights: Paulina Góral
screenings: Stanisław Zaleski

Cast: Magdalena Czerwińska, Robert Majewski, Grzegorz Małecki (featuring)/Sławomir Grzymkowski, Anna Moskal/Anna Gajewska, Piotr Siwkiewicz, Anna Gorajska, Jakub Strach/Kosma Press (featuring), Maksymilian Zieliński/Kacper Kwaśkiewicz (featuring), Nina Urbańska/Natalia Krzyżanowska

Performances with English supertitles are available only on selected dates. Seats from which English supertitles are visible: rows 6-7

22-01-2022 19:30Mała Scena
23-01-2022 17:30Mała Scena
02-02-2022 19:30Mała Scena
03-02-2022 19:30Mała Scena